How Saying Yes Can Grow Your Business Faster

Executive Summary

  • Life, and especially business, is full of hard choices.
  • While there can be a great opportunity cost of saying ‘yes’, it has the potential to open up opportunities that would never be found otherwise.
  • What purpose will this serve?
  • Why would saying no be a bad option?
  • Can my time be better spent on something else?
  • Could someone else do this for me?

So, Why Say Yes?

Conclusion — Getting to Yes

  • Build a network of support and influencers who may be able to help you and your business grow
  • Eliminate clutter! Not only office clutter but mental clutter too. Say yes to getting focused.
  • Say yes to not getting overwhelmed. Do not try to change everything overnight. Do it all in baby steps. You can’t change everything in one day or a week or even a month. Say yes to taking the first step.



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