Video: Save your ADMINutes with Greetly Visitor Check-In App

Greetly, your smart office assistant.

This is the Visitor Registration App.

In today’s fast-paced business world, you need to be nimble and use your resources wisely. Can you afford to tether an admin to the reception desk? Or do you need to make sure every part of the office runs smoothly?

Save Your ADMINutes with Greetly. Greetly is the modern office visitor sign-in app that welcomes your guests, receives deliveries, prints visitor badges, captures eSignatures and so much more.

Greetly’s visitor management system will instantly notify your team when the guest arrives by phone, email, text message (SMS), or an instant message via Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and Slack notifications. Fully white-labeled, lots of customization, rich with features, and tons of helpful integrations. And visitors love it!

Save time, save money and Get More Done!

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